EquiGroomer Premium 5″ Pet Grooming Brush – Deshedding & Animal Coat Care Tool Review

EquiGroomer Premium 5

  • No tugging, pulling or pain: the grooming brush works by only grabbing loose hair by their ends
  • Great for all pets! Originally made for horses, the grooming brush also works for cats and dogs!
  • No coat or skin damage! Designed to be tender and safe, the deshedder will not harm your pet.
  • Spend quality time with your pets! Grooming your pets’ coat is a pleasant bonding experience they’ll actually enjoy.
  • 100% risk free! With EquiGroomer’s grooming and coat care tools, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Size:5″  |  Color:Lime Green

Originally designed as a shedding blade for horses, the EquiGroomer works great on all types of pets because it grabs loose hair by the ends so there’s absolutely no tugging, no damage or harm to either coat or skin. The result is fur that’s smooth and shiny. Best of all, your dog or cat will love it! Guaranteed. Unlike plain wooden handles that may harbor bacteria or germs, the EquiGroomer’s handle is protected by three coats of exterior grade paint which prevents bacteria from penetrating the pores in the wood. The blade is made from hardened steel and coated with a tough finish so it’s built to last.

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