QuikClean Waterless Shampoo (32 oz) Review

QuikClean Waterless Shampoo (32 oz)

  • QuikClean Waterless shampoo for dogs, cats and horses
  • allows you to shampoo without wetting or rinsing your pet
  • Tearless with optical brighteners, lanolin-enriched
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • leaves no irritating residue, is pH balanced and mild

QUIKCLEAN waterkess shampoo cleans pet hair without wetting or rinsing, when bathing is not practical. Water isn’t always available when a pet needs a bath. QUIKCLEAN Waterless Shampoo cleans pet hair without wetting or rinsing. This waterless shampoo cleans and rightens pets and removes stains from pets. Its tearless formula is lanolinenriched with optical brigteners. A few of the many uses for QUIKCLEAN Waterless Shampoo: To remove stains Between bathings To Spot clean and deodorize When caring for kittens and puppoes After surgery Soiling mishaps/manure stains For cold weather cleaning For old or sick pets Key Benefits Shortcut to a bath. Contains conditioners and lanolin that will leave the skin and coat looking and feeling their best Tearless Contains no harsh chemicals Leaves no irritating residue Is pH balanced and mild.

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